Maker Community Inc is entirely volunteer run. We therefore rely on amazing folks such as yours to keep growing our community of makers.

Available Volunteer Position :

Duty Manager Program (3 positions remaining)

Maker Community Inc is in need of additional Duty Managers to help out during open session. We are looking for people available to be Duty Managers for two sessions a month (one weeknight sessions and one Saturday session, total of 9 hours a month). Volunteering this way will grant you free membership to all our community sessions on your non-duty days. A commitment of 6 months minimum is required.

You’ll be shadowing one of our experienced Duty Managers for the first few sessions to learn the ropes of opening and closing MCI as well as assisting members with their projects where you can. No need to be an experienced maker or familiar with all the tools in our workshop. We will provide training in what you need to know.

It’s a good way to learn some new skills, contribute to a growing community of makers, and to become part of a great team of volunteers.

If you would like to find out more about our Volunteer positions and volunteer opportunities please contact us via the below form: