Terms and Conditions

By becoming a member or attending the space you agree to comply with our Policy Handbook.
Furthermore, you acknowledge that the activities engaged in at MCI carry inherent risks, and may involve the use of machine tools that are capable of causing serious injury or death if misused. While MCI will require you to undergo safety training inductions prior to the use of such machine tools, it is not possible for us to completely control your use or prevent your misuse of these tools. You acknowledge that you are responsible for your own safety, the safety of other MCI members in your vicinity, and any child members for whom you are a parent or guardian. You agree that you will not attempt to use any tool that you are not trained and authorised to use, will not use any tool in any manner other than the manner in which you have been instructed by MCI, and, where personal protective equipment is advised for people operating or being in the vicinity of a tool, that you will not operate or move into the vicinity of that tool without wearing the appropriate protective equipment. If you hold any uncertainty as to the proper and safe use of a tool, or the personal protective equipment advised for that tool, it is your responsibility to ask the duty manager on site for advice concerning the proper use of the tool, including any recommended protective equipment, and to abstain from using that tool until you have received and confidently understood instruction from the duty manager or MCI on the proper use of the tool.