Introduction to 3D design using Fusion 360

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Learn 3D design, allowing you to plan out woodworking projects, create your own 3D print models, and design projects to be cut on a CNC!

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) application that is available free of charge for personal use. It primarily uses parametric design, meaning that you’ll be defining the shape of your project by specifying numeric dimensions for a number of measurements to be applied to its design. This makes Fusion ideal for engineering and woodworking design, for creating 3D prints that need to interface with existing physical objects, and for creating projects with multiple components that need to attach to each other. It’s less optimal for sculpting-type operations that are often used in artistic 3D designs, especially when compared to something like Blender, but it does still have support for such design approaches.

The class will provide an introduction to CAD using Fusion 360, and will specifically cover useful strategies for designing projects to be made using wood joinery, 3D printing, wood-turning, or CNC processes. No prior experience with 3D design is required. If you’re looking to become inducted to use the CNC router, this class is the first step.

You will need to bring a laptop pre-installed with Fusion 360 for personal use, which should not be confused with a free trial version of Fusion 360. The personal use version is free to use indefinitely, whereas the trial of the fully-featured version of Fusion 360 will expire after 30 days. Please also note that Fusion 360 lists some demanding system requirements, but of these, the OS version is the only one that is actually enforced, and it does still seem to run, albeit more slowly, on machines that don’t meet its claimed processor and memory requirements. Bringing a mouse is also recommended.

The class will be held upstairs so please advise if you have any accessibility needs. If you do not have access to a computer, we have limited machines you may be able to use, please email us at to request access.

Class duration: 3-4 hours, with breaks.