CNC Induction – Part 3 – Hands-on induction of the CNC router

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Last offered October 2022. Contact us if you’d like us to try to run this induction again!

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Please note:
This class assumes you have prior CAD design knowledge and tool pathing or have done the tool pathing class with us. This will be a hand-on class on the machine with the class participants split into 2 hour blocks with a maximum of 4 per class, with the aim to get everyone through how to set up the machine to start your own CNC job based on your own design.

We will show the smaller group how to:

  • securely fix your stock;
  • change the tool on the machine;
  • turn on and operate the machine safely;
  • how to do an air-cut as a safety measure before starting;
  • how to fine-tune the speeds and feeds of the machine and spindle; and
  • how to trouble-shoot the machine.

This class likely will not cover every aspect that will be required for your specific project as it is intended to provide the basics to get started. We will endeavour to provide you with specific resources for your project.

Following this class, JD – the instructor – and a number of volunteers will be able to assist you with your specific project online or in person at our open times after arranging a specific time.