CNC Induction – Part 1 – Primer class on CAD designing for simple CNC machining

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Last offered October 2022. Contact us if you’d like us to try to run this induction again!

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Please note:
This class is a short primer on using Fusion 360 to design parts intended to be cut on our CNC machine. It is by no means a fully fledged CAD class.

We will focus on how to design parts to be eventually machined out of plywood. Please note that the class will not go into tool pathing or how to actually use the CNC. This will be covered separately in part 2 and part 3. If you believe you already know the below you can skip this class.

We will cover:

  • how to start a sketch;
  • how to create a body from a sketch;
  • how to design simple parts with such features as pockets and holes; and
  • how to design with CNC limitations in mind – ie dogbones.

This class likely will not cover every aspect that will be required for your specific project as it is intended to provide complete new beginners with the basics to get started. We will endeavour to provide you with specific resources for your project.

Following this class, JD – the instructor – and a number of volunteers will be able to assist you with your specific project designs online or in person at our open times after arranging a specific time.

Please bring a laptop to the class and have a Fusion 360 account –  free for personal use; or let us know if you are unable to do so before the day.