Incident & Near-Miss

Each incident or near-miss must be recorded and reported to the MCI committee promptly so it can be investigated and recurrences prevented via possible mitigation of risk factors.

Dispute / Grievance / Complaint Form

The MCI Management Committee is committed to providing every opportunity for members to resolve any dispute or grievance. All formal complaints must be in writing on this form.

Photography / Videography Release Waiver

A media release waiver for members of the public to fill out when the situation/event requires it.

Loan Form
This form is to be filled out when items are loaned to MCI. MCI is extremely grateful to those who provide us with tools/items/machinery on loan. We have created the following document to provide clarity and certainty for those members to know that those items are well cared for while on loan to us and how to arrange for them to be pulled out by their owners.