For Kids: Design and 3D Print a toy creature

Great Results from a previous class at Maker Community Inc

If your child enjoys drawing and designing things, or playing videogames and is interested in taking it to the next step, then this event is right for you. Your child will learn to design 3D objects in a child-friendly, but capable Computer Assisted Design software called TinkerCAD. This great software allows your child to design anything they can think of.


Participants will learn to design their own toy creature that we will 3D print after the class concludes.

Please note that due to the time that 3D Prints take, the finished prints will have to be picked up at a later date.

Course limited to 6 places only!

For ages 8 and up. Parent/Guardian has to remain on site if child is under 12 years old!
Parents/Guardians are very welcome to take the class together with their child.


Any questions please reach out to us.